List of SHIT interfaces

With this new client, there are a multitude of shithouse interfaces: 1) The Chat Interface - No customisation for colours, the colour choice is disgusting and does not allow it to be moved across the base of the client for easy viewing of multiple chats at once. This is a loss of functionality that the previous client had. 2) The Mastery/Rune Page Inteface - Previously you were easily able to access your rune pages and see how rune pages you had at a glance - Now having to click on the dropdown box to view this is extremely inconvenient and once again a loss of functionality. 3) It requires a lot of knowledge about the icons. e.g. Chests/First Win of the Day/ARAM Rerolls etc. Of course it looks all pretty but for functionality - This was lost in the client update for a lot of the interfaces. Whoever was the solution architect for this client needs a new job.

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