Champ Select not updating, causing champ selection to revert to previous selected champ. [BUG]

I found myself playing a jungle Teemo game after the client reverted my change from Teemo to Gragas. It was only until the champ select lock out had finished when i realised that my portrait was not that of Gragas but of Teemo. Now i know what you may think, "could you have just forgotten to choose gragas?" No. I changed my Runes and Masteries only AFTER i lock in my champ. I also switched my summon spells too. I had my Gragas runes on when i noticed Teemo was locked in, i had to quickly revert back to my Teemo runes/masteries. This also seemed to happen to my Summoner Spells. I Run Flash on F and Ghost on D for Teemo, when I switched to Gragas i changed Flash to D and Smite to F. When I looked back at my SSs after i noticed the revert, i had Flash on D and Ghost on F which makes no sense because i never changed back to Ghost, and Flash is normally on F and not D. Anyone else having this issue?
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