Time to get stuck into the code, and completely update the client.

Unfortunately, I run a 64 bit version of Windows 10. Over the last nearly 2 years, the client has been becoming more and more unresponsive, hanging on every little thing that you want to do. Windows has even been telling me to "reset" the program in apps, to resolve hangs, yet it can't. In an attempt to fix this issue, I was directed to the Hextech Repair Tool, advised to reinstall using it. So I tried it. Unfortunately, after gathering all data and logs, syncing the system time it gets to the reinstall and informs me it needs admin previleges, then quits. So I grant them, it gets back to reinstall, and quits. So, me being all fed up, go through manually and delete every last trace of it from my computer, registry, everywhere, and decide to re download the installer. It's currently installing, on 50% so by the time I finish this it should be done. But here's something that distressed me greatly. There is one installer which I can only assume is a 32 bit installer running off old windows XP runtimes, and using DirectX 9.... There is NO option for a client that is more modern than outdated. If you'll visit the link above, you'll see that even Windows 8.1 is no longer mainstream supported (Which means no new features will ever be added to it, although bugfixing will continue) Now Windows 8.1's directX version was 11.2. DirectX 9 hasn't been updated for over a decade and now all the problems inherent with League start to make sense. When you don't update with the times, you get left behind. Instead of trying to find ways to fix things in a now redundant method, how about updating the whole bloody thing so the game can communicate with PC's (and your servers) in a more streamlined and logical way. In short, please stop spending however much you're spending on ruining the lore (for now at least) and bring the game into the modern day. I was right, the game did indeed finish downloading, and so far has presented the exact same hangs, redundant messages and reluctance to open first time simple pages like store and loot. It's time to spend some money on something that matters, and fix the client so that everything can just be a lot easier.

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