[MAINTENANCE] 9th/10th Oct 2018 - Ranked queues disabled due to emergency hardware maintenance

Hi folks There are two pieces of maintenance coming up tonight, which will impact OCE ahead of the 8.20 patch coming out tomorrow. **What will be happening** * Telstra will be performing maintenance on an internet connection used for the OCE game servers. At 12:01am we'll be disabling our Telstra link, meaning that some players may briefly experience a reconnect while in game. * Riot will be performing emergency maintenance on the OCE/NA platform services, due to a hardware failure. This is redundant hardware which has continued to function despite the failure. There there should be no problems bringing everything back if everything goes to plan, but due to the chance and nature of any predicted issues, we're going to keep ranked offline. **What this means for you ** Instead of the normal time of 0430, Ranked will be switched off at 2330 to account for the extra maintenance. It will be enabled again following the patch. **Why turn ranked off so early?** We try very hard to avoid having to turn off Ranked before midnight, AEDT, however in this case due to the critical nature of the maintenance we need to perform, and the proximity to the patch release, it is unavoidable. It happened last week as well for a similar reason, and we're really sorry we've had to double down and do it two weeks in a row. Let me know if you have any questions! -Mindstar
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