Twisted Treeline Ranked Schedule — Preseason Update

#TL;DR:# Twisted Treeline Ranked Flex will be enabled from Thursday to Sunday in an ongoing test. The queue will remain active from 3PM to 1AM AEDT. This** is an ongoing test during preseason** until we see how much interest in the mode has changed. ~~~ After the 2017 season rewards were announced, we [extended the queue availability]( due to increased interest in the mode. During this time, we saw an increase in play of Ranked Twisted Treeline. We're expecting that this interest will fall off from these heights - but hopeful that this will be an increase on how many games were played before this extension. Because of this, we've decided to extend the days that the Ranked Flex Twisted Treeline queue is available onto both Saturday and Sunday - and keep the new 3PM-1AM AEDT time period. We're currently considering this **an ongoing test **during the preseason as we see how things play out after end of season - as well as what impact Runes Reforged and other preseason changes have. # So, from 2017-11-11 onward, Twisted Treeline Flex Ranked will be available on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 3pm until 1am. This is a test schedule, and may change in the near future.
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