Draft test wrap up and plan moving forward

Hi Summoners, ~~~ **TL;DR** - Normal Draft test went well and we will keep the queue open daily between 11am - 3am AEDT for the foreseeable future. We will also regularly review the queue and make adjustments where required. ~~~ https://i.imgur.com/76VyzOP.png The Normal Draft test period is coming to a close. During the test period we have tried both very conservative (limited days and times) and very aggressive schedules(open every day, most hours). We’ve heard a tonne of positive feedback from you, talking about how you enjoy draft, the bans, role select and lack of mirror match ups. Recently we’ve also seen Draft hold ~20% of all normal games played (when both blind and draft are enabled). We’ve seen queue times and match quality maintain a healthy state. So we are happy to announce that Normal Draft will be staying enabled on our server! Going forward Normal Draft will continue on its current schedule, open every day between 11am to 3am AEDT. We will regularly review the state of the queue to see if we need to increase or decrease the time it is available. We are committed to providing the best experience we can to OCE players and we hope you all continue to enjoy Normal Draft together. Thank you for your continued support and good luck on the Rift!
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