Heads up! Mobile app Android beta beginning soon

http://news.cdn.leagueoflegends.com/public/images/misc/forums/2016/LoLFriendsApp_devcorner.jpg UPDATE! 2/24/16 Our beta is continuing as we'll be rolling out app updates to this group first. The app is now live for all players in OCE: OCE: http://oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/features/download-free-league-friends-mobile-app **UPDATE!** Beta invite emails have been sent out to players in NA and OCE. **Update! 10/02/2016** A new batch of invites have been sent out. **TL;DR:** We’re going to release an app that makes your friends list mobile, and we need smart and attractive* players with Android phones to test it as part of a persistent beta. Emails invites have been sent directly to a limited number of NA and OCE players. **SO WHAT IS THIS APP ABOUT?** League is better when you play with your besties, but it’s not always easy to organize games with friends. The League Friends app lets you get a conversation going with buddies (or mortal enemies) even before they've booted up their gaming rigs. It's one of many things [we're launching in 2016 to make playing with friends easier. ](http://oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/site/2016-season-update/social.html) **AND YOU NEED TESTERS?** Yep, we're building a persistent beta for the League Friends app, and players who join will get early access to **all updates of the app** a little bit before we release them publicly. We're not closing the beta once version 1.00 goes live; you'll be asked to test future updates as well. **HOW DO I GET IN ON THE BETA?** Emails invites have been sent directly to a limited number of North American and Oceanic players. If you get an email and have an Android device, just click the link to sign up. Only players who get the email will be able to participate, so those who didn’t get an invite won’t be able to sign in. Also, you're more likely to get an invite if you have a history of playing with friends and [a verified email address.](https://account.leagueoflegends.com/oce/en/protect) **WHAT HAPPENS IF I GET INTO THE BETA?** Members of the beta will be expected to report any bugs and give general feedback about the app. This is for serious testers, not looky-loos, rubberneckers, or drive-by beta-browsers—we'll use Keeper's Verdict on testers who aren't contributing. **FACT: all League players are beautiful people* -------- **FAQ** **Q: Why is the beta only open to NA and OCE players? ** A: We're trying to keep the beta small in scope, and limiting the beta to players from a couple of regions helps eliminate unnecessary testing variables on our end. **Q: Rito, why no iOS version beta?** A: We're only doing an Android beta testing because Android offers the sort of beta tools that we want to use. If you've got an iOS device, you'll still be able to get the regular version of the app as soon as it's available. **Q: Can I give my invite to a friend?** A: No, sharing the link doesn’t forward the invite. Only players who received an emailed invite from us will be able to sign into the beta app and participate in the test. **Q: How long does beta last / when is the live launch?** A: We don’t have an exact date right now, but if all goes well, we’re looking at a few weeks to a month, or so. We’ll be squashing bugs, ensuring stability, and listening for beta tester’s feedback before we launch. **Q: Lots of regions will get the app once it’s ready for release, right?** A: Yep, the League Friends app is launching in all League of Legends regions except for China and Southeast Asia. We’ll roll it out to NA and OCE first, followed by the rest of the regions over the following weeks after that if everything goes smooth. **Q: What OS versions does the app work with?** A: The app works with devices using iOS 8.3 or newer or Android 4.1.1 or newer (API 16). **Q: No Windows Phone version?** A: No Windows Phone version. Basically, there just aren't enough League players with Windows Phones to justify supporting the app on an ongoing basis. **Q: If I’m in the beta, where can I leave feedback and report bugs?** A: Bugs reports can be submitted through the app, as can feedback—go to the settings tab and select "Bugs and Feedback." Discussions about the beta can be held on the [OCE ](http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/mobile-app-discussion)mobile app discussion board.
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