[RESOLVED] Game Start / Game Disconnect Issues - 17/03/2016

Hi All, We're aware of issues that are currently occurring with starting and being disconnected from games. We're currently working on a solution to this issue and will update this thread as soon as possible. **UPDATE: ** **22:30 AEDT**: Loss forgiven has been turned on - and ranked queues are currently disabled. We're currently working on identify the cause of these issues. **23:15 AEDT**: We've found an issue with an upstream provider and will change-over users on that provider to another provider temporarily. This will have a very small period during which you may be disconnected, but after the changeover should lead to improved reliability. **00:15 AEDT**: Our upstream provider has been able to identify and resolve the issue at their end - preventing the need for the changeover from the previous update. As of now, player connectivity appears to have stabilised and we're now turning off loss forgiven and re-enabling ranked.
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