Twisted Treeline Ranked Flex Premade Restrictions

#TL;DR:# Starting this week (Sat, Apr 21st) in Twisted Treeline Ranked Flex, players who are Diamond V+ will only be able to queue up solo. The notification when trying to queue up as a premade team with a Diamond V+ player is bugged for now. ----------------------- Hi everyone, In an effort to even out some of the games involving the highest ranked players in TT Ranked, once a player reaches Diamond 5 or higher in the queue they will no longer be able to queue as part of a premade team. We expect this to have the following effects: * Queue times remain mostly unchanged * Combined skill difference between opposing teams decreases * Maximum skill difference between members of the same team increases slightly Until now, matches involving high elo players were likely to be determined by which team had more Diamond V+ players on it, so high elo premade groups had a huge advantage. In such a low population queue this is a heavy disincentive for players trying to climb once they consistently come across 2/3 stack Diamond to Challenger teams, which even would have occurred on occasion for players all the way down to Gold at the worst times if matchmaking was struggling to find high elo players to match against each other. With this change, those same games would instead be made of a mix of Diamond to Challenger players and lower ranked solo or premade groups, with matchmaking being able to more evenly distribute player skill among the teams. This change would have ideally gone live with the queue schedule changes a couple of weeks ago, but was delayed until this week while we investigated what could/should be done. We'll be monitoring match fairness over the next month or so to see if these changes have the intended effect. I know it sucks for high elo TT players to not be able to queue up with each other, but this change is a necessary buff to match fairness for a significant portion of the TT player-base. -------------------- #Important Note# Currently, there is actually no string in the client to display when a team cannot queue into Ranked Flex TT due to premade restrictions. Presently when a Diamond V+ player tries to invite another player to a Ranked Flex TT group they will receive the error "An error occurred". Very helpful, I know. There are plans to rewrite and improve client error logic, which teams at Riot should be able to get to in the following months. Given how long it will take for those error logic fixes to go live, we concluded it would be best to ship these changes to Ranked Flex TT to ease the issues with matchmaking sooner rather than later.
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