Reconnect To Game Issue - September 26

We're aware of an issue occurring at the moment that is leading to players being stuck at the end of a game with a 'Reconnect to Game' message in the client. We're currently working with other teams to find out the root cause of the problem and resolve the issue. We'll keep this thread updated with information as we are able. **12:00PM AEST Update**: We've disabled ranked queues while we work on solutions for the issue. **1:00PM AEST Update**: We've attempted multiple fixes to the problem, but these have not been effective in this case. We are now planning to restart the platform - we expect this to take up to an hour to complete. **2:00PM AEST Update**: The platform is now back up, and ranked is now enabled. We're keeping an eye out to see if the issue is still occuring - please let us know if you're getting a new instance of the problem since 2:00PM AEST. **3:00PM AEST Update**: We're moving to a fresh thread to keep all the information organised [here ]( - please check there for further updates
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