Normal Draft test coming to Oceania

Hi Summoners, ~~~ **TL;DR** We are running a Normal Draft test Normal Draft will be turned on from 6pm to 11pm AEST (AEDT from 1st October), Thursday to Sunday between 21/09/17 – 19/10/17 ~~~ We are committed to providing the best experience to OCE players we can. We know a lot of players have wanted an alternate normal experience from Blind Pick where it is possible to select your preferred roles and ban your most hated match ups (bye bye Yasuo, Zed, Blitz, Darius) without having to put your LP on the line or competing in a “fastest fingers first” duel to secure your role. To date, we have held back from enabling Normal Draft on the OCE servers due to our server size and the effects that an additional queue would have on queue times, autofill rates and overall usage. However we think with recent improvements in champ select speed and experience plus matchmaking improvements we can give players an opportunity to test Normal Draft and see if it is a viable option in Oceania. We will be running a limited test in Oceania for one month to gauge interest and see how Normal Draft works on our server. We will be keeping an eye on the health of Normal Draft queue as well as how it affects the other queues we already have enabled. We will be looking at queue times, auto fill rates, dodge rates and overall usage to determine how viable Normal Draft is for OCE. We will be providing an update half way into the test period and also a recap of how it went at the end of the test period. We will be enabling Normal Draft on the OCE server **between 21/09/2017 – 19/10/2017**. During this period, it will be live from **Thursday to Sunday**, **between 6pm – 11pm AEST (AEDT from 1st October)**. It will also be the default selected queue (instead of Blind Pick) when it is enabled. We hope that you all take this opportunity to experience the queue and also show us which you prefer (by playing Blind or Draft). Thank you for your continued support and good luck on the Rift!
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