2018-03-21 Ranked Disabled & NZ players increased latency

** Update @ 03:20 AEDT** We have had confirmation of the cable repair being complete, and have seen packet loss and latency drop back to stable levels, and remain there. Ranked is re-enabled and we'll continue monitoring closely. Thank you for your patience! ** Update @ 2215 AEDT ** The cable repair is progressing and the supplier will begin reconnecting ISPs over the coming hours. We'll be monitoring this process and once we see improvements for the players in NZ we'll look at re-enabling ranked. ** Update @ 2000 AEDT ** The update we've received indicates that progress is slow on the cable repairs. Suppliers are still in the process of running replacement cables and following that will need to re-splice them into existing ones. We're keeping Ranked disabled until it is fixed due to the impact that it has on players directly on the affected ISPs, which will have knock-on effects in causing them to disconnect from their team in games that they might join. ** Update @ 18:45 AEDT ** We've still seen no update from the ISPs affected. We know it really sucks to lose LP to ISP issues like this, while it is only NZ players on some ISPs that have the connectivity issues, it only takes one player disconnecting to ruin a ranked game for everyone. We've decided to disable ranked on Oceania until such time as it is resolved. ** Update @ 17:45 AEDT ** We've seen no update from affected ISPs since the time of our last update. We're still monitoring the situation and will let you know if anything changes. ** Update @ 15:45 AEDT ** Looks like the cable was cut somewhere in Sydney, which means that it should be a reasonably quick repair. We're told there are fibre technicians working on fixing the broken cables at present. There's no ETA at present for a fix though. ** Original Post ** Hi folks Some players in NZ are experiencing higher than usual ping / latency right now to the LoL servers. This is due to one of the major internet cables linking NZ and Australia going down at about 1:30pm AEDT today (3:30pm NZ time). Internet traffic is being sent via a much (MUCH) longer path, and as a result latency is much higher than normal (150 - 350ms). At this point we don't know much more, but we're on the case and we'll post updates here as and when they are available. Mindstar
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