Twisted Treeline Ranked — The Final Climb!

#TL;DR:# Twisted Treeline Ranked Flex will be enabled daily for the last two weeks of the 2017 Season! The queue will also be extended to 3pm–1am AEDT — the same hours that TT Normals are available. **TT Ranked will return to Thursday and Friday nights only on 07/11/17**. ~~~ After the announcement of the [2017 Ranked Season Rewards]( - we've seen renewed interest in the Twisted Treeline Ranked Flex queue. Because of this, we've decided to turn Twisted Treeline Ranked Flex on **every day** until the end of the 2017 Season. This should help everyone making their final climb up the Ranked Ladder before the end of the season. We're also extending the start and finish times to match the up with the current Normal times (3pm–1am AEDT). **End of Season Rewards:** If you reach Gold in Twisted Treeline, you will earn a unique Chroma for Victorious Graves that is only available through this achievement. If you reach Silver in at least two ranked queues, you earn the Victorious Ward Skin. You can also earn a Summoner Icon based on your final rank in Twisted Treeline, as well as a ranked border that will appear in the loading screen of all of your TT games during the 2018 season. Check out the [2017 Season Rewards page for more details!]( # So, from 24/10/17 until 06/11/17 Twisted Treeline Flex Ranked will now be available daily from 3pm to 1am AEDT. EDIT: This is no longer the most recent Twisted Treeline Ranked Flex update, check out [this update]( for more up to date info.
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