TT Changes Coming Apr 3rd

#TL;DR:# Starting 3rd of April 2018, both Twisted Treeline Normal Blind and Ranked Flex will be having their scheduled queue up-times reduced. TT Normal Blind will be changing to one night a week and moving to Friday nights. TT Ranked Flex will be changing to two nights a week and remaining on Saturday and Sunday nights. ---------------- Hi everyone, Back when we expanded Ranked TT to four nights a week, the queue could easily sustain that many hours of operation with decent matchmaking in most MMR's due to more players engaging with the queue to earn the end of season rewards unique to TT. The Ranked TT queue was then kept at 4 nights a week to see if engagement with the queue would be maintained after so many players engaged with it seriously for the first time. But this has not been the case, and most players who played Ranked TT at the end of last year are no longer engaging with the queue. This has led to poor matchmaking and higher queue times for Ranked TT, especially at higher MMR's. At the same time, many consistent players of TT Normal Blind have either stopped playing TT or moved over to playing mostly TT Ranked Flex. This has helped sustain TT Ranked Flex somewhat and this is partly why we've waited so long to make these changes, but it has massively reduced the quality of games in TT Normal Blind. To restore the quality of games for both TT Normal and Ranked, we're reducing the number of nights that both queues are available and moving Normal Blind to one of the more popular nights of the week. Specific changes are: TT Normal Blind: - No longer available on Tuesday and Wednesday nights - Now available on Friday nights from 3 PM AEDT to 1 AM AEDT (AEST after March 31st) TT Ranked Flex: - No longer available on Thursday and Friday nights - Still available on Saturday and Sunday nights from 3 PM AEDT to 1 AM AEDT (AEST after March 31st) These changes will take effect starting next week.
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