RP card redemption issue - 21/04/2016

**UPDATE 23/04 @ 12:00pm AEST** > Players should have now all received their RP. If anyone is still missing their RP, please submit a player support ticket and we will make sure you get your RP as fast as possible. **UPDATE 22/04 @ 2:00pm AEST** > While many players have successfully received their RP, it looks like we did miss some. Our engineers are working to identify why this happened and fix it for everyone. **UPDATE 22/04 @ 9:00am AEST** > We've completed the rollback on the store visual update, and we've also given out RP for the missed transactions. > Please take a look and confirm you have received your RP now. **UPDATE 21/04 @ 4:00pm AEST** > We've identified the cause of the issue, and will be rolling back the visual update tomorrow once we have fully verified the fix. Redeeming pre-purchased/gift cards for RP will remain disabled until then. > > We'll also be finalizing all missed transactions at that stage, so if you have redeemed a code in the last 24 hours and not received RP, it will be delivered shortly afterwards. **ORIGINAL POST** > Hi folks, > > We're aware of a problem that is causing players to be unable to successfully redeem RP gift cards. I'll keep this thread up to date with more information as it is available. > > Cheers > Mindstar
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