[COMPLETE / RESOLVED] OCE Platform Maintenance - 2017-08-30

**FINAL UPDATE @ 1230pm AEST** Good news folks! We've identified the issue, and have managed to fix the servers. League is back online now. For those who are interested on a little behind the scenes of what the last two hours looked like for us: * Our initial (3 hour) planned maintenance went smoothly, and everything looked good when it finished. * Afterwards, we used some automated scripts to check the servers and get them ready for players again. In this case, these scripts actually put our servers into a bad state, but we didn't catch it straight away. * Because of the type of maintenance we did, we initially thought that the problems we were seeing were directly related to the devices we had been working on, so our initial troubleshooting was (incorrectly) focused there. * When we did a full server restart and STILL had problems, we identified the issue that our scripts had introduced earlier, which led us to what was actually wrong, and what we needed to fix. League's servers are a complex beast so this kind of process can take time to get right. Thanks so much for your patience - now go forth and feed! **UPDATE @ 1200pm AEST** At this point we're still digging on the root cause of this, and unfortunately still don't have an ETA for a fix as yet. Our initial attempts to fix this issue by reverting the change made earlier have not been successful. We've got multiple engineers working through all potential causes and we will keep this thread up to date as we know more. Thanks for your patience and understanding - we want to get you back on the rift and diving those towers ASAP! **UPDATE - 1100am AEST** We're still working to track down the root cause. We believe it is related to the device we did maintenance on earlier, however we will need to put the platform back under maintenance to do further work. The servers will be closed again while we do this. **UPDATE 1030am AEST** Following the maintenance we're seeing games not starting, currently looking into the cause and will update this thread when we know more. ** Original maintenance notification** Hi Folks We'll be doing some planned maintenance on the OCE servers in the early morning of Wednesday 30th August. What you need to know: * Ranked Queues will be disabled on **Wednesday 30th August at 4:00am** AEST (Sydney Time). * The OCE servers will be shut down on **Wednesday 30th August at 5:30am** AEST * We expect OCE to be offline for a **3 hour** maintenance window * We're planning to open back up at approximately 08:30am AEST. * Keep an eye on the [Service Status](http://status.leagueoflegends.com/#oce) page in case there are any updates or changes to the plan. Let me know here if you have any questions. Cheers! Mindstar
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