Changes to Challenger Tier sizes, including Twisted Treeline Ranked Flex

Hi everyone, You may or may not have seen the [udpate from SapMagic]( on Twitter regarding Challenger Tier size changes based on region size categories. The image below breaks down the new size settings per region: This change was effective as of Challenger tier promotion becoming available. So Summoner's Rift Ranked Solo/Duo and Flex went from 200 Challenger slots each to 50 slots each in Oceania. But what about Twisted Treeline Ranked Flex? TT Ranked has had 6 Challenger slots available [since early 2017]( But as of this season, **TT Ranked now also has 50 Challenger slots available.** Whereas previously the amount of slots was limited based on the size of the queue relative to SR Ranked Solo/Duo, given that Oceania has effectively gone from 406 Challenger slots available across all queues to only 150, it's possible that there may be more interest from and competition between players attempting to earn a Challenger spot in any one of the OCE ranked ladders. Here's a refresher on the other unique settings that exist for OCE TT Ranked Flex: OCE TT Ranked Flex is available on Saturday and Sunday evenings from 15:00 to 01:00 AEDT. Master to Challenger tier - Each game played grants 4 "banked" days of no LP decay, up to a maximum of 16 days saved up. Diamond IV - I: The number of days before a promo series expires has been increased to 8. Diamond IV to Challenger: Premade teams are restricted to Solo/Duo only (no 3 player premade teams). If you're wondering about the general state of ranked, particularly among the apex tiers (Master, Grandmaster, Challenger), then [check out the latest Dev Corner post]( from SapMagic.
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