RESOLVED - Transfers disabled from Sep 14th to Nov 21st

UPDATE There's no easy way to say this. Server transfers were supposed to come back online this week, but we hit a snag in the new transfer service and have to delay this. We ran into some issues with how our data centers communicate with each other, and our engineers estimate it will take at least 5 to 6 weeks to be fixed. I'll update this post again when we have more news. ----------------- Hi everyone, > **TL;DR** - From the beginning of patch 7.18 (tomorrow morning, 14th Sep), transfers from OCE to other regions will need to be disabled until November 21st as we launch Emotes and then prepare for preseason. For the first month, you may still transfer by submitting a ticket to support. Read on for details. We're launching Emotes exclusively in OCE for a couple of patches in order to test and tweak the feature on a live server. Now, unfortunately our store spaghetti is a little tangled, or perhaps not tangled enough. Other regions have not yet been able to set up their stores to handle Emotes functionality. So from September 14th to November 21st this year, you will not be able to use the store to transfer your account out of OCE. This is because if you were to purchase one or more emotes while in OCE and then transfer to another region during this period, there is a good chance that we could lose all of your purchased emote information due to other regions' stores not being prepared to receive that info. Meaning that if you transfer your account out of OCE then your purchased emote info wouldn't follow you. After you transferred you would have no access to purchased emotes - and even if you transferred back you would likely still not have access to them. However, until Oct 10th there is something we can do to assist players travelling or leaving the region and wanting to take their accounts with them. If you would like to transfer your account out of OCE between Sep 14th and Oct 10th, please [submit a ticket to player support]( and: * If you **have not** purchased emotes, we will manually transfer your account to your desired region and deduct the transfer cost of 2600 RP from your account. * If you **have** purchased emotes, we will refund the cost of the emotes and remove them from your account. Then we'll manually transfer your account to your desired region and deduct the transfer cost of 2600 RP from your account. From Oct 10th to November 21st, **we will no longer be able to perform manual transfers** as we need to make heavy modifications to our store and player reward systems for the upcoming preseason. There should be more details on disabling transfers for this purpose in the coming weeks.
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