Twisted Treeline - Ranked Flex - UPDATED 11th April 2017

UPDATE: Challenger slots have been increase to allow for up to 6 players total. ------------------------- Hi guys! So TT Ranked has been a thing for a couple of months now. We're seeing sustained engagement with the queue so I'm happy to announce that for now the queue is here to stay **as long as engagement keeps up**. We'd like to increase the amount of days per week that TT Ranked can be played to make it easier to engage with the queue on a weekly basis. Expanding the number of days allows more people access to the queue who may not be able to play on a single given day. However, there are real concerns that this could exacerbate queue times - if players are choosing to play on only one particular day, this would reduce the amount of people who are in the queue - particularly towards the beginning and the end of the day. The focusing of players into a shorter period of time is why limited queues are able to sustain themselves when they wouldn't if available 24/7. ------------------------- We're taking a small step in that direction, by TESTING an expansion of TT Ranked to two nights a week, but reducing the amount of hours that the queue is active per day. Starting this week TT Ranked Flex will be available: ** Thursday: 5:00pm - 0:00am AEST (7 hours) Friday: 5:00pm - 0:00am AEST (7 hours)** In short, total hours that TT Ranked will be available is going up to 14 hours per week, from 10, and 2 nights per week from 1. Again, this is a test, and any changes may have to be reverted or at least iterated on. We'll keep you up to date if anything changes. ------------------------- Additionally, due to the tiny amount of players relative to Summoner's Rift, we've had to set a special configuration for Diamond, Master and Challenger tiers in TT Ranked. How special? Well... **Since there are so few opportunities to play TT Ranked, we've eased the pressure on decay rates and promo series timeouts at the top of the ladder:** Challenger & Master tier - Each game played grants 4 "banked" days of no LP decay, up to a maximum of 16 days saved up. Diamond V - I: The number of days before a promo series expires has been increased to 8. This effectively means that you are able to miss **one week of ranked TT before decaying in Master/Challenger** and can reach a promo series in Diamond one week and still be able to play it out the week after. **TT ranks in OCE above Diamond I are now restricted to only allow the following amount of players:** Master tier - CORRECTION: there is no cap on Master tier. If you can achieve a high enough MMR in the queue, you can break into Master tier. **UPDATED** Challenger tier - Maximum of **6** players So, pretty special. There are already 3 Challengers sitting atop the ladder, so get up there and knock them down! See you on the Treeline.
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