OCE Post-Game Reconnect issues thread - 2017-09-26

**UPDATE @ 1830** Good news - it looks like we've found and fixed the cause of the issue. Suffice to say it was quite a doozy, but it looks like our servers are recovering now. I'd expect that some of you still stuck in Ghost games might be in that state for a little while to come, but it looks like we're not seeing new ones being created. If you have recently finished a game and are stuck (18:15 AEST or later), I'd love to know. Once we verify everything is tip-top, we'll get Ranked turned back on. Thanks so much for your patience today - it really sucks for all of us when things aren't going smooth :'( ------------------------------------- **UPDATE @ 1730** Another update for you all - Our engineers have made some progress, and are starting to hone in on the root cause. Unfortunately we're still not fixed up yet, but I'll hopefully have something a bit more concrete soon. -------------------------- **UPDATE @ 1615 AEST** Just a quick update - we're still trying to find the cause of this. At this point we're still not any closer to finding the cause, but we are 100% on the case and throwing everything we can at it. I'll post another update in an hour, or if we have more progress to share. ----------------------------------- **Original Post** Continuing on from this mornings messaging with a fresh thread here. We've been seeing an issue today that is causing players to see the Reconnect screen after finishing games. This can persist for some time and prevent players from starting new games. **Where are we at now? (1500 AEST)** * We have restarted the OCE servers, but the issue is persisting. * Ranked Queues have been disabled for now, as some players have been reporting inconsistency in LP rewards and promo games. * Our engineering team is on the case and investigating all possible causes * We don't have an ETA on a fix yet, but will keep you posted in this thread. Thanks for your patience folks, we want to get you back in game ASAP! Any questions, hit me up here ;) Cheers Mindstar
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