League of Legends | Live Community event & OPL Grand Final @ Luna Park Q&A

League of Legends | OPL
The OPL Grand Final is coming to Sydney's Luna Park! Reserve one of the 1,300 seats and be there live! Show Your Support Cheer for your favourites and feel the chills of those awe-inspiring moments. Meet the Pros Pro players and casters will be on hand for signings, photos and Q&As.
Hey everyone, As you may have seen, we just announced our plans for the OPL Grand Final. The event will mark the first ever standalone esports event for Riot in the region. There will be a full day packed with community activities in the park, ranging from cosplay competitions and workshops to themed games and panels and then the live OPL Grand Final. At the bottom of the [website ](http://promo.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/oplfinals-2015/)there are already some F.A.Q. but if you have questions that are not answered there, feel free to post them here and the team and I will try to reply as much as we can without spoiling too much the surprise! Hope to see you @ Luna Park or if you cannot make it to Sydney, to one of the HOYTS Cinema across Oceania that are supporting the event with community activities, giveaways and streaming the games. Mastermirkinen
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