Looking for serious team to play with or form (At least Gold with good mechanics)

My account I mainly used nowadays is gold 5 just because low elo ranked isn't entertaining. I really want to turn my playing into a lot more of a competitive style. As I will try my hardest to make the team great. I main jungle and adc but also often a top laner too. Add me in game on Jonkledonks as it is the account I'm on most or add me on Discord Jonkledonks#2748. Start by telling me who your favourite champion is and why and we'll go from there. Even if you aren't up for ranked or a team. Message me and we'll norms together :) My Favourite Champion is either {{champion:427}} , {{champion:81}} , {{champion:8}} or {{champion:203}} just because all their designs are cool and they're all so fun to play. Thanks OPGG - http://oce.op.gg/summoner/userName=Jonkledonks

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