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**Sanctuary** With the biggest challenge in the game being at times not “Do we split push?” ,“Is it time for Baron?”, or “Mundo y u no pants?” but instead playing with people who you feel more in tune with, who are reasonably focussed, and want to win games, Sanctuary League was created. It was the best word we could come up with at the time, something that meant, if you are on the inside, it is safe from people being jerks from within, and if your on the outside, those on the inside, in the tags, wont be jerks. We look for people who are non-toxic, keen to play, want to enjoy the game, and want to win. This is our focus, making the game fun again, and winning as many games as is possible due to Teamwork/Awareness/Positive mindset. Or losing with having tried all game to win. **Trolls/Abuse** There is always room for fun, and taking it as a game, but we are also non-compromising on anyone Trolling games, abuse of any players, inting, anything that lessens the game or experience for others. Anyone in the Sanctuary tags that does so, will be removed. We wish for them to mean if you have someone in your game in them, they can be counted on to not be toxic, give up, or let the team down. Everyone is human, but we seek to be as nice, down to earth as possible and play to win. **Staying positive** We cop a lot of flak for this, being upbeat in games, and people like to mock others for whatever reason, this post will probably cop abuse, but if the idea of a group of people to play a variety of games with is appealing, we may be for you. We are on the lookout for people, all of the time, and may invite those in games we feel play well and **do not act with toxicity**. Go 24/1/15, but call the Mid Lane a ^&#^#, AFK, be a jerk? Not interested. Go 4/4/4 and push all game, take objectives, encourage and work as a Team? We want to hear from you. Our philosophy is good people can get better at games, but people good at the game may not be able to get better as people, or treat others with respect. Everyone loses, everyone has a bad streak, mocking people, or elitist trash talk is boring/bullying/toxic. **Discord** We have a streamlined and organized Discord, with Role colours assigned based on your preference, so you can easily see Members preferred roles. Each role has its own text channel so if your passionate about ADC (or any of the roles, including FIll/Multi), you have a General and Role channel to talk, share thoughts, speak to people, set up games, add in game client etc. As we get more in depth ranked channels and tags will also be created. We also have public voice, so you can invite people into the voice chat to play LoL for your current game, or to play other games. Multiple voice channels are locked to Members only so no one can move in if your laning or playing something else. **Privacy and Conduct** We respect people’s privacy, and do not require anyone to give real names, locations, or perform any tasks they are not comfortable with. Everyone playing PUBG and you just want to listen to Spotify? You will get an invite for sure but if you’re not keen, no worries, do your thing. Everyone is welcome to dive into anything, or you can sit on the side and jump in and out. It is up to you. It's a laid back group of people, some of whom know each other IRL, or have played together for years. **Maturity** You should be able to conduct yourself with respect for others, and can expect the same in return. **We will never, ever, be the biggest group**. By design we focus on quality over quantity, and the rules matter to us. If this is not for you, then we respect that choice as well. **Sounds like a lot of work to play a game I already play?** Are you sick of getting abused? Are you over the 20 min FF when you could of won? Are you up to your eyeballs in people building 4 sets of boots Trolling? Sick of joining huge Gaming discords and no one talks, or groups anyway? Got a huge friends list and don't play with any of them? **Ranked Games?** Some players will likely play ranked. Other’s do not due to own reasons, or the fact there is not much gained from the process/higher likelihood of trolling at times. It is up to each person, but Ranked channels and Voice can easily be created, by Elo, whatever is needed. **How to apply?** Message via Forum, or use the link below to join League - Pending Role Discord Channel. You wont be able to see other channels or Members. After a chat about Roles you will be moved into Members/Role channel plus the Sidechat if you like. Invite to the in game club will follow. All that is expected is you conduct yourself within the expectations. Troll, whatever else, be removed. We play a variety of games, so you can group on other games as well, chill in the social lounges, tune into the Music channels, or just chat about whatever. If the Discord Link has expired or been used up, feel free to PM me for an invite. Link updated 16/4/18

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