Looking to start a high school club?

Hey! http://i.imgur.com/r0w3bw4.png We believe our community is the most important aspect of our game. We believe together we can change the perceptions of what gaming means to teachers and parents. League of Legends is more than a game to us, it’s a passion, a lifestyle and where we met our friends. It’s filled with big wins, tough losses and epic comebacks. With your help we can highlight some similarities to traditional sports, this may be a great way to talk to parents and teachers about League of Legends. Teamwork, leadership, communication and discipline are required in sports and League of Legends, and that could be key in sharing why League isn’t a whole lot different than your friends playing rugby. We want to make it easier for teachers and parents to see this in our game. We are asking you to join us in creating a great experience for League of Legends players in high school. We've just released our high school club directory, which you can find here - https://oce.leaguehighschool.com/ The high school website should provide all the information you need to start a club at your school! So make sure to have a look around and check out the FAQs. If you have any other questions after looking around let me know below and I will try my best to help.
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