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Oceanic Gaming
Oceanic Gaming is an Online Gaming Community, based in the Oceanic region.
Hey everyone, I represent a gaming community known as Oceanic Gaming Network. Our current demographic mainly consists of other well-known games (eg Rust, Squad and Conan). However, we are looking to expand and create a section made for league players to talk, share and play together. Our ultimate goal is to set up regular tournaments in which players can compete and have fun. We plan to place these tournaments in the community events page (which means RP winnings) and accommodate for all level of play, from Bronze 5 to Challenger. Having this goal in mind, we would like to create a sub section in our discord 100% dedicated to League of Legends, voice channels for League players to use, further on Team recruitment and potentially hold private tournaments with prizes beyond RP. Our discord server is https://oceanic.gg/discord or https://discord.gg/SeKXTQq this is a public discord with over 350 users and differing levels of administration. Join anytime you like, it’s free and friendly. Drop in and say hi and as this community grows so will your enjoyment and the prospect of tournaments will begin. I have also created an Oceanic Gaming Network Club in game, feel free to add me to join :) Kind Regards, Mary.

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