Uhhh? hi? LF>friendly club

~A little intro~ Hello! I'm Akke. I'm quite new to the game as I have only started months ago? Like prob 2 - 3 months ago? I've been playing Dota for ages (6.39 - 2007-08?) ish and decided to play League for a change. I personally dislike some of the mechanics but still playable:D I'm currently Gold 4 Carry role (Grinding to get to Diamond soon). Anyway.. I am looking for a nice friendly clubs to play with:) Whether it's Norms/Ranked/ARAM. I barely play TFT though- but can jam a few with club mates if possible. I also have Discord, can join your server to hang and go full ** tryhard ** on games. {{champion:145}} https://oce.op.gg/summoner/userName=Akke _plsaddme_

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