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A gaming server building up to be a fantastic community for OCE/ASIA regions. The community loves being apart of huge gaming events such as Uni clubs, PAX or hosting IRL Meetup events across Melbourne and Sydney. **+Lucky Giveaways! +In-house gaming** Currently we are hosting an OCE League of Legends tournament in this community or anywhere else. Registrations will be open till the 25th May for our GGLoL Tournament be prepared to go up against other Highschool/Uni clubs and teams! More details such as rules, team registration, conditions and check-in procedures can be found here: Battlefy: Discord: Team conditions will be split up by rank tiers (including substitutes) - Iron -> Silver, Gold -> Diamond There will be first place after winning best of 3 in both divisions which also includes a knock out stage. Best team are rewarded $25 RP to each competing member. (MEANING subs who did not compete through any stages won't gain). If you have any questions feel free to DM here or discord through the link provided

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