New Club "Villainous Family"

Whats good everyone just throwing this up as i have created a club called Villainous Family The name itself is for the family i have through streaming and in the discord and so thought id create a club for it on here aswell :) All are welcome to join, but i do have a few things that i really would not like in this club, as they are basically the same rules as in my discord 1. RESPECT EACH OTHER!! - it goes without saying, its called family for a reason!! 2. Its ok to flame but ONLY if its deserved - e.g top laner goes down 0/3 at 5 mins and then decides to start trolling or inting <-- not cool!! 3. as above i wont tolerate ANYONE being the troller or inting its a terrible thing to do 4. Be mature - basically dont be a cock 5. HAVE FUN!! <-- honestly we all play this game to have fun and yeah losing isnt fun, but honestly you cant win every game so just chill 6. again RESPECT EACH OTHER!! 7. Help each other - We are all gonna be on different levels/divisions of gameplay if you have any constructed advice you can help a member out with please speak up :) please dont comment if your just gonna flame about my post because it doesnt do anyone any good.. But if you would like to join you can add me ShiroeTheVillain We are small at the moment but would like to meet more people and have fun :) Also if youd like to meet the rest of the Villainous Family outside of the game "in discord" let me know to and ill send you a link to it :) Cheers brothers and sisters for the time See yaz on the RIFT!!
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