Lets Get to Gold Tier 1

AS the title says i want Gold tier 1 atleast for this season, if we can go better than that it would be awesome. Getting into OPL would be insanely cool and if we did that itd be sweet but honestly I dont expect it to happen so I've set my sights on Gold 1 for the moment. or now. Been playing for 5 years on and off I know a lot, but there is always more to learn so will take any advice I can get. I can do any role, but specifically prefer JG and ADC as they seem to have the most control over winning games. Fav champs include; Xayah, Varus, Jinx, Xin, Nasteh Nasus, Nidalee, Illaoi, Lux, Fizz, Ziggs, Veigar, Vi, Diana, Sivir, Fiddles, Rengar and learning Rakan now. Those above champs will probably be the ones I am opting for every game, with the order being; Xin, Xayah, Lux, Illaoi and Varus being my first choices. If you already have a decent club please let me know, either that or we start a new one. I'm currently in prelims, lost a couple games in the solo/duo Q and decided i wont bother ranked without a club/team. IGN; Slendah :)

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