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Hey guys! I'm here to advertise the OCE INHOUSE discord channel. It's a new discord channel where we play inhouse custom 5v5 games over the course of a 3 month season. The server contains: - Full custom ranked ladder - Completely automated drafting system - A regular league (>lvl 30 players) as well as Pro-league (diamond +) - 15k RP as season 1 rewards. (room to grow this up to 30k RP) - End of inhouse season tournament for our 40 most loyal players - And much much more. Currently the server has players ranging from unranked through to challenger with our first season starting on the 13/03/19. We are now opening the server up to the public to join! Interested in a great community of league players to have fun with and also player a higher quality of matches compared to solo q? Then OCE INHOUSE may be the server for you! Come and drop by to check it out, you will not regret it!

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