Aus/NZ based 25&UP Club

Pretty much self explanatory. A mature club for older players, people of proven maturity and non-toxic game play. Expectations; be able to disagree with logic and state intelligent reasoning not just "omg your bronze, listen to eerything i say noob" etc etc. Be able to accept, shit happens... This club isn't about boasting the best of the best to strut around. It's boasting people that can be non-toxic, be able to accept reality of situations, people have varied skill levels, life situations pop up etc. Be able to have fun whilst still trying to actually do the objectives. Predominately, people who don't get their ego from a video game, they have lives. We understand, some of us have kids, clingy pets, partners that rip out our Ethernet cables etc :P it happens. But find themselves unwilling to join a club because they dont want to receive flames or judgements about life happening. That being said, if someone declines your game invite, don't take it personal, sometimes (myself included) im not in the headspace or i feel that even though im around, a game may not be appropriate as i cannot give it the attention it requires. If this sounds like you, feel free to toss an ingame friends request and i'll slot you in.
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