The Poro Kingdom - Discord Server #Welcome to The Poro Kingdom | |:- The Poro Kingdom is a League of Legends based community for all regions. We offer a variety of features such as roles, games, gambling, twitch streams, etc Our community is in the early stage of evolving into a larger server. _*~~Discord:~~*_ | ⠀ |:- | ⠀ ##Ranked & Region Roles | |:- Orianna Bot is integrated within the discord server. Link as many accounts as you like across any region. Showcase your real-time ranked tier, making it easier to find teammates from the same rank and region. Anyone who does not wish to disclose their rank or regions can opt-out of this. | |:- | ⠀ ##Gambling & Games | |:- Are you addicted to Gambling? Well we got your covered. The Poro Kingdom has one of the most advanced gambling based economies. We use PoroSnax as a server wide currency, which you can spend to buy rare roles. | |:- | ⠀ ##Twitch Streamers | |:- We love Twitch Streamers, they have a dedicated channel where live-notifications are displayed. Anyone live-streaming League of Legends will immediately be promoted and receive a streamer role. Some of our regular streamers are [**_*~~EmiliaCosplay~~*_**](, [_**~~Feedaboi~~**_](, [_***~~Bubbz~~***_]( and many more...

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