Recruiting for NO/FF

Hello summoners I'm currently one of the officers in the never surrender club we are currently doing recruitment's now we are looking for players of all elos and all roles as we currently have a flex team for 5v5 but we are looking for more and more players each day to join and and have more teams running we are a very relaxed down to earth club with lots of banter but nothing too harsh to put you down a majority of our members reside in new Zealand with a few including myself are Australian players. so the time we play differ from time to time with school work ect. everyone who is interested will be tested. but that will not determine you getting in or not we will most likely accept you regardless of how well you play or your skill level as we have players from all elos that you can play with. we also have a funny functioning discord channel that is our one requirement to join as we really need a voice communication as we work as a team we don't have any star players to carry us. if interested please reply in comments of these questions. Just some basic information "country: "best time to play for you" "summoners name" "do you have discord" "what elo are you in" "what are your preferred roles" these are just some basic things we'd like to know so we can get things started hopefully see a few of you soon.
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