Tilt Free Zone - club invitations

hey everyone, just me again putting out a post for club Tilt Free Zone. Tilt Free Zone is a friendly little club/community that me and couple of others started to get together people who enjoy the game and want to have fun playing it with others and also to play games with people who have same sort of easy going positive attitude for either ranked or normals. Our club is currently 30 people strong varying rankings from challenger all the way down to brand new players learning the game. We are a very easy going club that encourages getting together and enjoying league games, you can be challenger, master, diamond, platinum, gold, silver, bronze, unranked or fresh new playing leveling your first account in Tilt Free Zone youll be treated fairly and the same. In the near future me and other officers of the club have talked about maybe holding certain sort of "events" were we get a group or two together to play ranked or a bunch of other variety of games for example 5 v 5s for fun etc but still discussing that at this stage. If you feel like enjoying yourself and are interested in joining the club just add me AE Velocity or Jusn50 in league of legends and just ask for an invite. Looking forward to talking to you all more and seeing you on the rift.
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