Phalanx -- Casual Gaming Community looking for friends!

Hello OCE! The Phalanx is a casual, Australian-based gaming community made up of a diverse group of friends who've been playing League and other multiplayer games together for years. These games have included CS:GO, ARK: Survival Evolved, any Total War game, Diablo III, WoW, Terraria, *ahem* Flight Rising and tons more. Most of us are adults with lives, jobs and quirks. For an example of our.. quirks, I'm at the very heart of the group, yet I've only spoken over mic a couple of times in all our games, heh. We are welcoming of people of all sorts. So male, female, alien, have kids, gay, cat person, cool. As long as you're not a total arsehole (or you try flirt with my man, then I will not like you, boo). We're CONTINUALLY on the hunt for new friends to become a part of our community so don't be intimidated to contact us if you're looking for gamer friends! If you're interested, visit our discord here: or send a friend request to PapaHuggey, our discord owner (also PapaHuggey#2134). You can additionally contact me on discord by adding Sunlit#4577. Thanks for viewing!
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