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Beth is one of our very talented creative artists at Summoners Society. She has been working on changing up her art style. She has charmed our hearts. ❤️❤️ #WeAreSummoners #leagueoflegends #ahri @RuSiVbRo
Summoners' Society is looking to expand our content team. We are looking for cosplayers, video creators, writers, graphic designers and artists. Though the Summoners' Society content team role is volunteer currently, we are looking to push the group into a direction where it's sustainable and our content team are rewarded for their hard work. We are here to help expand our creative minds personally and with Summoners' Society. The content team members are encouraged create their own content, but content that is design and created for Summoners’ Society will stay ours and credit will be given to everyone on the project and it can be used for portfolios. Summoners’ Society will do our best to help team members with their own content in anyway we can and it will still remain the property of the team member and not Summoners’ Society. This role is a stepping stone for anyone creative who wants the experience to further progress their career, loves league of legends and wants to give back the to community. We are always looking for amazing opportunities for our team and have some coming very soon. This role wouldn't be suited for person who doesn’t like to receive feedback, this role is about improving together and individually. We do group and individual feedback. The group meets twice a week: Sunday: 8:00pm (For about 20mins) This is a general meeting for the whole of Summoners Society team. It generally very short. Monday: 8:30pm (For about an hour) This is our content team meeting. This is where we talk about what we are doing together as a team and what we aren’t. If you feel this role is for you please fill out the application below. All participants will be emailed no matter the outcome of the application, so make sure to look out for it. Credit: Beth who is one our amazing artist at SumSoc!

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