[GUIDE] How to organise your first online or live tournament

Hey Summoners! My name is Jordan, I go by the summoner name Zeforus. I’ve been organising online and live tournaments since 2012. I’ve worked on ESL Go4LoL’s and Autumn Regionals with ESL Australia (2012-2013) and Oceanic Open Ladder, plus over fifty weekly tournaments with OCE Weekly (2014-2015). This guide provides information for a beginner to organise their first online or live tournament. || |- || |- || |- --- || |- || |- || |- > #Introduction * Who are you running this tournament for? * What do you want to achieve with this tournament? * When is the most convenient time for players to host this tournament? * Why are you are running this tournament? * How is the tournament going to run smoothly? || |-| ||||||||||||||These questions dictate how you will structure your tournament when it comes to format, schedule, entry fee, prizes and rules. > #Tournament Platform || |-| |||||||||||||When organising any tournament creating the systems for your tournament run efficiently makes both your life easier and for players. Having all the necessary information all in one place. For a beginner, [Challonge](http://challonge.com/) is the easiest to use and the simplest to understand. Here's an [example](http://challonge.com/OCEGuide) || |- || |- || |- || |-| |||||||||||||If your tournament page covers all the questions a player could ask below you have done a good job. * When is the tournament? * Who are we playing? * When are we playing? * What are their summoner names? * How do I contact the admin? * What are the rules? * What are the prizes? || |-| |||||||||||||There are many other tournament platforms out there like [Battlefy](http://battlefy.com/), [Xfire](http://xfire.com/), [BinaryBeast](http://binarybeast.com/) and [Toornament](https://www.toornament.com/). > # Tournament Formats || |- ||||||||||||||Your choice of format will shape the schedule, the amount of games played and chances of the best teams rising to the top. I will cover single elimination and double elimination , round robin and multi stage formats. || |- || |- || |- || |- ||||||||||||||** Single Elimination ** || |- || |- || |- || |- ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||Brackets are drawn out. If a team loses a single match or series they are immediately knocked out of the tournament until there is one winner. This is the easiest and fastest format to run || |- || |- || |- || |- ||||||||||||||** Double Elimination ** || |- || |- || |- || |- ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||Similar to a single elimination tournament except if you lose instead of being knocked out of the tournament you're moved to a separate bracket where other teams have lost. This continues until there is only one loser left who will go back to challenge the winning team in the grand finals. || |- || |- || |- || |- ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||But because they came from the loser's bracket the winning team has a handicap of a single match or series. || |- || |- || |- || |- ||||||||||||||** Round Robin ** || |- || |- || |- || |- ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||Every team in a round robin has a single match against every other team at least once. The winner is the one with the most wins and if there is a tie you will need to setup a tie breaker match. || |- || |- || |- || |- ||||||||||||||** Multi Stage ** || |- || |- || |- || |- ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||Consists of two or more formats being split into stages. An example would be worlds where sixteen teams are split into four groups and must face each other but only two teams advance to the next stage. > # Seeding || |- ||||||||||||||The purpose of seeding is to rank each team according to their strength. It prevents a situation where top two teams face each other in the first round and one gets knocked out of the tournament and gets placed last despite being stronger than the rest of the teams. || |- || |- || |- || |- ||||||||||||||As seen in the tournament formats section, the highest seed which is the lowest number (one) will match up against the lowest seed which is the highest number (eight). So 1 vs 8, 2 vs 7, 3 vs 6 and 4 vs 5. || |- || |- || |- || |- ||||||||||||||To avoid bias when seeding without explanation your best bet is to seed teams either randomly, based off previous performance or to seed based off the average rank of the team. > # Tournament Schedule || |- ||||||||||||||Making a schedule for your tournament is based on the number of factors * How many computers you have (LAN Only)? * What tournament format you run. * What game mode you choose. * What rules you have in place. || |- ||||||||||||||For a a Summoner’s Rift match you must take these factors into account: * 10-15 minutes setting up (LAN Only). * 5-10 minutes Creating or joining lobby. * 10 minutes for pick and ban phase. * 20-40+ minutes for the game to finish. || |- ||||||||||||||When creating a schedule make sure to have a buffer in case you fall behind. || |- || |- || |- || |- ||||||||||||||Here’s an example of a tournament schedule for an eight team single elimination tournament: || |- || |- || |- |||||||||||||||Time||||||||||||||Event| |:-||||||||||||||:-||||||||||||||:- |||||||||||||||09:30AM AEST||||||||||||||Check in |||||||||||||||10:00AM AEST||||||||||||||Check in closes / seeding begins |||||||||||||||10:05AM AEST||||||||||||||Tournament brackets released |||||||||||||||10:10AM AEST||||||||||||||Round of eight begins |||||||||||||||11:30AM AEST||||||||||||||Semifinals begins |||||||||||||||12:30PM AEST||||||||||||||Grand finals begins > # Prizing || |- |||||||||||||||Riot’s prize support system provides tournaments with five tournament exclusive triumphant ryze skin for the first place team, RP and IP win boosts for teams based off the number of participants. The minimum number of teams required for prize support is eight. || |- || |- || |- || |- |||||||||||||||Riot has put their focus on live tournaments, leagues and ladders with improved RP prize support. Online tournaments have had their prize support drastically reduced. You can find out more: http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/community-events/bWtno6fE-tournament-prizing-how-does-it-work || |- || |- || |- || |- |||||||||||||||When applying you will need every participant who plays in the tournament to sign up on the events page. If you have any more questions Riot has a FAQ: http://events.oce.leagueoflegends.com/content/faq > # Rules || |- ||||||||||||||The rules you set for your tournament will govern how each match will be played and what players can and cannot do. I will provide rules i've written and used for my tournaments. Feel free to edit and use these rules for your own tournament. || |- || |- || |- || |- ||||||||||||||OCE Weekly rules: [link](http://xfire.com/tournament/3892#rules) ||||||||||||||Oceanic Open Ladder rules: [link](https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yLiT_IeH4qVLkXN11lHpMJdCu92MnoeVau5CZeDj1MQ/edit) ||||||||||||||Melbourne OCC Qualifiers: [link](https://docs.google.com/document/d/1p_frXk_L_hC7CJvNL8fONhRdXYQSYr7hi2yRtEqJ8zQ/edit#heading=h.3idtuohqhikp) ||||||||||||||MCnet Live Tournament: [link](https://docs.google.com/document/d/1C-RV41cus0iBxUTFB-KEtsFZaLy_Yj94NEpg5B3IWis/edit) > # Live or Online? || |- ||||||||||||||Live and online tournaments have their own nuances. A live tournament takes more effort to set up and things can go wrong but is rewarding, but an online tournament is a lot more casual and players are responsible for their own setup but is less rewarding. || |- || |- || |- || |- ||||||||||||||Here are key differences between them. || |- || |- || |- |||||||||||||||||||||||||||Live Tournament|||||||||||||Online Tournament |-||||||||||||||||||||||||||:-|||||||||||||:- ||||||||||||||**Cost**|||||||||||||Venue Hire|||||||||||||No Cost ||||||||||||||**Riot Support**|||||||||||||40,000RP|||||||||||||5,000RP ||||||||||||||**Accessibility**|||||||||||||Local players only|||||||||||||Anyone with an OCE Account ||||||||||||||**Atmosphere**|||||||||||||Social and competitive|||||||||||||Restricted by chat rooms ||||||||||||||**Convenience**|||||||||||||Location of venue|||||||||||||Play from anywhere ||||||||||||||**Enforcing Rules**|||||||||||||Access to player's screen|||||||||||||Restricted to spectate and screenshots ||||||||||||||**Scheduling**|||||||||||||No downtime|||||||||||||Flexible schedule ||||||||||||||**Number of Computers**|||||||||||||Restricted number of games|||||||||||||No restrictions ||||||||||||||**Gaming Setup**|||||||||||||Your responsibility|||||||||||||Player's responsibility ||||||||||||||**Entry Fees**|||||||||||||Can be done in person|||||||||||||Requires access to bank account > #LAN Center || |- ||||||||||||||Before hosting at a LAN center you must assess whether it is viable to hold your tournament at the establishment. Have an inspection of the venue and look for these things. || |- || |- || |- ||||||||||||||Question||||||||||||||Explanation| ||||||||||||||_How many computers are there?_||||||||||||||You need ten computers to run a single match. ||||||||||||||_Is there five computers in a row?_||||||||||||||Teammates should play next to each other. ||||||||||||||_How easy it to screen cheat?_||||||||||||||To not give an unfair advantage. ||||||||||||||_How noisy can it get?_||||||||||||||Teams must be able to communicate. ||||||||||||||_Do current peripherals work?_||||||||||||||Players don't need to bring their own gear. ||||||||||||||_Is there backup equipment?_||||||||||||||In case gear breaks down or malfunctions. ||||||||||||||_Is there extra space?_||||||||||||||For players waiting to play their matches. ||||||||||||||_Is there air conditioning?_||||||||||||||Too many people heat up small spaces. > # Advertising || |- ||||||||||||||in order to get your tournament noticed you must try to get attention of your target audience. You must make sure all the information for your tournament is in one place. Whether that be the tournament page, a facebook event or a webpage. || |- || |- || |- || |- ||||||||||||||You should have these things in your landing page: * Date * Schedule * Prizes * Entry fees * How to enter * Link to brackets * Link to teams * Rules || |- || |- ||||||||||||||A list of places to advertise your tournament: * Facebook: Make an event/page and share it to gaming communities and clubs. * OCE Boards: Make a new post in the community events section. * Word of mouth: Ask your friends to help share your event page to their friends. * Poster: Create a poster that you can place near LANs or where your audience may be with permission of course. You can also share the poster online instead of the landing page. || |- ||||||||||||||I hope the information I provided helped you, if you have any questions you'd like to ask feel free to email me at zeforus@gmail.com || |- || |- || |- || |- ||||||||||||||Thanks for reading my guide :)
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