24 hour gaming stream, raising money for Syrian Refugees

Hi everyone, On the 4-5 of June, I, along with my friends will be running a continuous 24 hour gaming stream, mainly playing League of Legends, as well as other fun games. The stream will be happening from 2:00 PM (UTC +12:00) until the same time, but the next day. We are raising awareness and money for the Syrian refugees, whom most of them live in inadequate conditions due to a destructive civil war. If you have nothing to do, and want to see 5 students die by playing League non-stop {{summoner:3}} with little to no water, then this is the place to go! Apart from playing league, we will have special breaks to celebrate donation milestones, by doing some wacky things, such as eating a fiery mouthful of chilies, dressing up as Bob Ross and painting for a period of time, to even taking a dare from a viewer in the stream chat. It would be mind-blowingly awesome if some rioters could join our stream for a game or two, or even just shout us out- everything's better when a rioter is involved :P It's going to be loads of fun! Please come and support our stream- because it's not about us, not what we earn or what viewers we gain: It's for the Syrian refugees, who are left without a home, a country, and literally without a life. Let us help piece their lives together, by enjoying what we all do best- play games :D (Our donations goal page) https://www.worldvision.org.nz/fundraising/team/stream4syria/40-hour-famine (The twitch stream page) https://www.twitch.tv/goldcode Our twitter page is 'Stream4Syria'. We will post any updates and schedules there. Feel free to share and like posts, to your hearts content! Kind regards, -Anserem
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