Oceania Community Events Plan

Dear **Oceania,** My name is Jesse. I am currently 20 years of age and have been slaying on the fields of justice since a young 15. During my time I have invested a substantial amount of money to support Riot and their great eSports movements. As of Oceania's launch, the player base has been exceedingly low compared to other servers. This disallows us Oceanians to get a full experience of LoL due to specific queues being unable to be provided. I propose, very excitingly an idea for the boards. Board Events! The Oceania community is small, League of Legends players LOVE the opportunity of scoring free skins, or boosts etc. By using the boards, and my own personal money, I would like to host a number of events and giveaways. Riot has an event's page but it needs some working and doesn't allow for all sorts of events.  Riot Jickoy: "I really like the fact that you are looking at the Growth of the Community for OCE server. I've fully read the context of your ticket and I think this could be a good opportunity to let OCE players have the experience they deserve. Thus, I would like you to share this in our boards." Here it is! These events **would include:** _(these are only after a small brainstorm, I want you guys to help me build the list of possible events!)_ **- Tournaments; ** *ARAM  *TT  *SR  ...I want to include ALL types so events are appealing to everyone, the event will be organized by summoners placing their names on the board via comment. I will then collect their name and store it. **- Graphics Events ** *Drawings/Any form of LoL related FanArt  ...This includes 3D models, some events may be summoner determined some may win due to sheer excellence. (If post receives numerous upvotes and positive feedback, it is then declared ((essentially)) by the community already) **- Theorycrafting events ** ...Each summoner posts on boards an idea that would fit either topic A or B. A being a serious change in-game and B being a completely hilarious change. The idea that gets the most upvotes receives the win. If two are at the same votes, a new post will occur and there will be a voting poll, summoners will then vote for the winner. (Unless prizes can be supplied to both? That'd be great) **- Straight giveaway event** …Simple. Enter your name in a draw to participate and win. Event's like these don't necessarily bring people together as much. But, for people who are studying hard and play every now and then, this gives them an opportunity to win something on their small time schedule. Currently hosting an event right now: http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/miscellaneous/lmYcps7l-boards-event-win-championship-thresh-skin The idea is to** grow **the **OCE community**. To inspire people to really get behind LoL, and to have **FUN** with it.  Distress is very commonly and closely associated with solo queue and/or any game with a troll. Hosting events gives people a sense of belonging. I want to be able to reward you guys for your efforts and actual participation in the upholding and upbringing of League of Legends. My motto that I want to uphold to you guys is, is to give you what you **WANT**. Im sure under certain circumstances this cannot always be upheld, but I want to enforce it **as much as possible.** So I ask of you, Oceania, what kind of events would YOU like to see me host in the near future? And what kind of reward would be the coolest? (i.e, merch, skin, RP) Thank you for reading and taking the time to **support the community!** _bollockz_, your friendly OCE summoner :^)
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