Summoners Society May Premade 5v5 (12th-13th)

Summoners Society May Premade 5v5 by SummonersSociety
Hello Summoners,Welcome to our SumSoc 5v5 tournament.All team members must be on the discord:
Hey summoners, This months Summoners Society Premade 5v5 is on again this weekend! There is RP prizing up for grabs as seen at this link: (we are Tournaments, online, up to 63 teams) Grab your premade team or just 5 mates and signup on the battlefy link provided All infomation should be in the battlefy link on all the various tabs but if you have any questions make sure to ask them in the discord, under the relevant tabs, here: I hope to see you there on the day, Regards Summoners Society

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