Digital Puppet Masters Tournament Series - 1v1 (Tonight 7pm)

Digital Puppet Masters | Battlefy
This organization will run tournaments for teams and players of all ranks and skill level, with a main focus on League Of Legends in the Oceanic Region.
Just a reminder about tonights 1v1 tournament 19th May at 7pm AEST. Please check-in to Balltefy between 6.30-7pm. This week the prizes are:- 1st $10 Riot Gift Card. Riot have also provided 1st - 2 hextech chests and keys 2nd - 1 hextech chest and key all participants will also get a 4-win IP boost Entry is free and you can register here :--- You can also follow the events on facebook or twitter :--- if you have any question feel free to drop me a line on my discord channel or post in the allocated area:--

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