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*Tap Tap* this thing on? Sweet!

This is your pilot Jinx speaking and I have an important announcement so you all better listen up! While you join the crew of the Morningstar on this brilliant adventure of heroic feats, dangerous fights and totally cute guys, we want to give you the opportunity to come away with some juicy prizes.

Up for grabs are some prizes for you and your friends as you embark on this especially epic adventure together, here’s how it’s gonna go down!

The crew of the Morningstar has four super duper special objectives for you and your friends to complete!

First up we have YASUOOOO! Now being our captain he’s all about that teamwork stuff you know? So your mission from him is going to be get your own crew together, and go blow some stuff up! Exciting right?

So grab four friends and make a club! Don’t forget to show off your newfound friendship with those fancy schmancy tags, and remember that this crew is family friendly! Any inappropriate club names or tags will disqualify your team, and inappropriate summoner names will disqualify that crewmate, I’m looking at you poopymcpoopface.

Once you’ve got your crew together, nominate a captain and go play a game of Odyssey: Extraction and WIN (because losing is boooring) with a score of at least 2,750,000 on Onslaught difficulty! If you manage to beat Onslaught as a team however you can't reach the target score, we have something else for you! Once you’ve beaten up all those baddies, your captain needs to take a screenshot of your post game lobby showing all the game info.

OBJECTIVE BRIEFING: Odyssey of the Morningstar



Play a game of Odyssey: Extraction with a full premade of five all wearing the same club tag, and win on Onslaught difficulty. For an extra bonus complete with a score of at least 2,750,000 points! Captains! Take a screenshot of your post game lobby as proof, you'll need this to enter! (Don't change your club tag before your Captain has their screenshot!)

Find the submit button at the bottom of this post!

Next up! SONA!. Our newest member has a penchant (see I can use fancy words too) for the arts, and she’s been trying to liven the place up (what’s more lively than explosions??). Her idea of fun is a bit weird, but we like to humour her, so her mission is…ugh...poetry..

OBJECTIVE BRIEFING: In pursuit of Poetry

DIRECTIVE LEVEL: ~~The New Kid~~ Virtuoso, Sona


Write a short poem (max 50 words) about the event or Odyssey skin lore and submit it as a comment on the seprate post found through the button below.

Learn More

Now that that’s out of the way, moving onto everyone’s favourite meat shield, MALPHITE! He’s big, but he’s about as sharp as a sack of wet wharf rats, so don’t expect anything too spectacular from him.

Now Malphite reaaaaally just wants to be loved, it’s like his goal in life the big ol’ cutie, so his mission for all of you is to go and tell him how great he is. Just kidding! Seriously though, this is a recruitment ad and we need to know if it’s working.

OBJECTIVE BRIEFING: Everybody loves Malphite :)

DIRECTIVE LEVEL: Grunt, Malphite


Feedback time! Tell us how we’re all doing! Offer a piece of feedback for Riot regarding the event - what you thought about the game mode, any bugs you encountered, if you thought it was super awesome or more! We really appreciate your feedback and any we can get helps improve the quality for future events.

We are also taking feedback on this bonus event run by your trusty crew (The boards volunteers!) as well, so feel free to chuck in your thoughts there as well.

And last but absotively most fabulous! ME, JINX!!1! I. Love. Friends. Specifically the kind of friends that enjoy blowing stuff up, TOGETHER! See the point of this whole recruitment thing is bringing people together, all that gooey stuff about teamwork and companionship. So let’s make some friends!

I have here this wonderful little gathering place that hasn’t been used in a really long time, and I want that to change! If you’re looking for crewmates, be they permanent or casual, or even just want a place to hang out with other awesome space heroes, this is the place to be!

OBJECTIVE BRIEFING: Blowing stuff up! Together!

DIRECTIVE LEVEL: Super Duper Awesomest Pilot!, Jinx xoxo


Join up with other event goers in discord! Here you can find other people to party up with and smash some meany monsters! We have voice channels and text channels for you to find teammates and discuss strats.

We will also be using this discord for any future events as well so make sure you stick around after the event!

Now where was I? Oh right, wreaking havoc! .....Prizes? Oh yeah! There’s prizes up for grabs for you and your crew mates, and this is how you get them.

You’ll need your summoner name, and those of your teammates for Yasuo. Make absolutely sure that these are super perfectly exact (looking at you ЇHαṽεÅCøolNαмε) or you won’t get your prizes!

Details on how to enter for each mission are listed above (look for the bright orange buttons!) Once you’ve submitted all your stuff it’s up to us to verify everything!...The hard way. This is gonna take a while isn’t it?

Anyway, prizes are as follows!:

YASUO - Onslaught:

  • Completing onslaught with your team of five all in the same club: 4 Win XP boost per team member
  • Completing onslaught with your team of five all in the same club with a score of at least 2,750,000: 1,000 RP per team member

SONA - Poetry writing:

  • 1st Place: 1000 RP
  • 2nd Place: 500 RP
  • 3rd Place: Masterwork key and chest

MALPHITE - Feedback

This feedback will be packaged up and sent off to Riot HQ! This is a chance to have your voice heard about this event, and those to come! Any feedback offered for us crewmates (boards volunteers) will be taken into consideration for the next time we run a bonus event like this one!

JINX - Discord

Friendship! Discord is a great platform to forge new communities, and that’s exactly what we want! Whether you join to find a five man, to find new clubs or members, or to just hang out and chatl, this is the place for you!

Remember that you have to adhere by all the rules of the missions. I know how much everyone loves a rule-breaker (I mean who doesn’t think I’m awesome?), but our captain’s a bit of a stickler, and his ship, his rules! In case you missed ‘em, let me lay it all out for you:

The Rules (Not made to be broken):

  • Inappropriate club tags or names are not allowed and will disqualify your team
  • Inappropriate summoner names are also not allowed and will disqualify that player
  • One entry per person! If you submit more than once, only your final entry will be used.
  • You must use a direct link to your screenshot, any hosting sites that require logins or the like will have their entries disqualified. If in doubt, use
  • All entries must be submitted by October 10th, 2018, 23:59 AEST, any submitted after will be disqualified.
  • Odyssey: Extraction will be available until October 10th, 2018, 16:59 AEST.
  • OCE Only. This contest is made by us OCE Volunteers for our beautiful region down south, this means that accounts from other regions will not be eligible.

So go on! Get out there!


When are we getting our prizes?!?!?

It will take some time for us to run through all the entries and confirm eligibility, AND we do it all on our own time, so it’ll take a bit for us to do that, and once we have it’ll take a little longer for the prizes to actually be rolled out. So just be patient! Currently prizes are planned to be out by the 25th of October, and we’ll let you all know when the prizes are out with an update post here the Boards.

I had a problem with my entry/submitted something wrong, what do I do?

Leave a comment on this post detailing what went wrong and we’ll work with you to get it all fixed up :)

I haven’t received my prizes, why not?

If we haven’t yet put out an official “prizes are out”, just be patient, they’re on the way. If we have and you still haven’t received your loot, let us know! It’s possible your submission was ineligible or that we just made a mistake, either way we’ll let you know!

I have a question!

Chuck it in the comments down below and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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