Camp My Lane September 5v5 (rito supported)

Greetings! Recently Camp My Lane got Riot's support for our first tournament, which begins early in September! However, because of the number of signups lacking, it's up to me to try to promote this event to reach our minimum number of teams before it starts. So if you have a 5's team that wants to enter, win some cash and maybe even a Triumphant Ryze skin each for your whole team, then get on board! Details: **Event type** Summoners Rift 5v5, Single Elimination **Cost** $20 per team **Date** September 5th 2015 **Time** 1pm **More info** [Right here!]( WE ARE LOOKING FOR SHOUTCASTERS FOR THIS EVENT. If you're looking to get into shoutcasting then please hit me up with an [email]( (If any rioters are reading this, my event is named incorrectly on the community events calendar. I tried contacting Maraudaur about this but nothing happened :( )
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