Have you got a play that is just amazing? Make sure to submit to our SumSoc: Play of the month for your chance to win 1000 RP or 3 Hextech box/keys and a chance to be featured on all our social media! How to enter: Submission - The video may be submitted to the Discord ( text channel #competition_submission along with your LoL IGN Alternatively, via Twitter using the hashtag #SummonerSocietyApril Rules - Players must be members of the Summoners’ Society Facebook group: Player must attach a cropped screencap of the match results that includes the date and team picks The video must be made by the player entering the competition The play must be made by the player entering the competition Entrants may submit a maximum of three plays The play must have been made between the 1st and 31st of April The approved maps for Play of the Month are; Summoner's’ Rift The play must be against real players We look forward to seeing your plays! SumSoc

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