Star Guardian Invasion Contest

Greetings fellow Star Guardians!

The starlight in Runeterra is fading, and we must band together to defend it! To reward your heroic efforts we are running a competition during the invasion.

The run down

Each game of Invasion must be played on Onslaught in order to receive a grade at the end of the game. Additionally you must be in a full premade group with the same club tag equipped. Prizes will be an IP boost and RP based on grades. The better your grade, the more RP you’ll get!

How to enter:

After your game you must take a screenshot of the after game screen. This screenshot must be of the full client so that we can see all the people that were in the team, with their tags equipped and what grade you received.

Once you have the screenshot saved, simply click the button below and follow the instructions! Make sure to upload your screenshot to an image-hosting site like puush or imgur, similar to the example below.

*please note this screenshot was not in a premade 5 with all the same tag, its simply an example of what a screenshot may look like.

All entries must be in by Wednesday (13/09) 5pm AEST.

Submission Form


Q: How many people can win?

A: As many as meet the entry criteria!

Q: Can I win more than once?

A: Each player can win once only. Make sure to post your best score!

Q: Are there any rules for the club tag?

A: You may use any club tag as long as all five players have it equipped and it is not offensive.

Q: I'm not from OCE, can I still join the contest?

A: Only summoners from Oceania can join in on the contest.

With all that out of the way, best of luck Star Guardians!


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