Keen to host a viewing party for upcoming Esports events?

Hey everyone, With the OPL split 1 finals coming up on 5th April, I thought I would create a place to ask questions and provide some tips on how to host a viewing party. **Where should I host a viewing party?** Some popular venues are Bars and University rooms (lecture theaters etc) **How do I get a venue?** Call local bars and negotiate for the venue, let them know how many people you think you can bring in and see if you can get the booking for free or subsidized based off of how many people buy food and drinks on the night! Reach (call or email) out to your university club/student union and see how you can go about booking a Lecture theater. **How should I promote the event?** Definitely register your event here - But also make sure you create some posters to distribute on social media AND have a FB event page where you can easily share information and communicate with attendees **Is there anything else I should consider?** Viewing parties are a great opportunity to bring a lot of like minded players together. Its a good opportunity to run fun icebreakers/events before and after the show or even during breaks in the night. If you have any other questions make sure to comment below!
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