End of Season Rewards

Erm, how is one supposed to get level 2 honour to receive the rewards? I assume this refers to the gold border and the skins is that a gold player receives? I don't really care about the skin but the border is something that's actually there every game.... I haven't ever received a penalty or anything of the sort, I main support only and am constantly receiving usually multiple honours per game and it says i've reached the last checkpoint before honour 2.... Well, look at the amount of games i've played and please explain to me why I'm not already level 2 and how much longer I have to spend playing to receive the rewards for quite a bit of playing already. Frankly I don't see it actually being possible. This is ridiculous, I came here to LoL from World of Warcraft where I played Arena at 2K+ because I was under the impression that grinding mindlessly for no real reason aside "you have to grind" was not something this game was known for.... O.k, I didn't notice the fine print it seems but the fine print makes no mention that after receiving constant and numerous honours from team mates in please look how many games I've played getting to where I am I will "still be arbitrarily close to honour level 2, but by doing the math that means you're still going to be quite possibly hundreds of games away from receiving rewards for the almost 800 games you've already played and finished in Gold." 800 games is a lot of games, I will not be taking part in the game further if this is the ridiculous result of what is a ridiculous amount of time I've already played the game for in the first place. I have spent a lot of time playing League of Legends now in my first season and there is no way this can be right, is there some error in the system or am I misunderstanding something? 800 games, and that is not including the time i spent leveling up to 30 in the first place. I have no choice but to leave if this is the case. I don't want to, I like game but this is worse than anything from WoW and frankly I am scratching my head.
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