SumSoc Circuit

SumSoc Circuit (Monday nights)
Teams will be chosen by the first 8 teams that register and meet the criteria. The SumSoc circuit will run very closely to how OCS is. It is great way for your team to gain competitive experience. This also means teams must be organized, prepared and ready!
SumSoc circuit: Starting Monday: 26/06/17 Hello summoners, We are just looking for applications for the sumSoc circuit. All the information is in the link below (So please have a read before asking questions!) We know that most people chose Friday night as the ideal night but it will clash with OCS. We choose to go with Monday instead. As we want to keep away for clashing as many events we can with OPL/OCS. If not enough teams sign up it will just be canceled. If too many teams sign up, we will just go with the first 8 that applied and meet the criteria first. This means any team of any ELO can sign up. Teams do need a logo. If you don't have one Powpowpanda has offered to create logos at a very cheap price of $20 just for SumSoc circuit teams. (Just send him a pm) If not you can also try places like fiverr (but just be careful as lot the $5 logos you don't own the real rights too) sign up:

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