Auspicious Gaming March Open

Auspicious Open March 2018 - Auspicious Gaming
With a whole lot of love put into this website we're ready to see your skills play out in an online single elimination tournament. Form your teams and battle for the #1 spot this March and make Auspicious Gaming history.
Greetings Oceania! We'd like to introduce ourselves. The Auspicious Gaming team over the last few months have been very busy creating a tournament platform, and at long last we've finally completed our goal. To celebrate, we're hosting our first tournament (with many more to come!) **About Auspicious Gaming** We are a brand new tournament platform giving players a competitive environment in which they can thrive. With our local team we are pushing to broadcast casual couch-style commentary over our livestream with plenty of room for community interaction. We plan to do this through promoting community written questions, articles and hot discussion topics. We also plan on bringing aspiring shoutcasters on board and giving them a chance to cast live games. We hope to bring weekly tournaments as well as in-house events with prizes to be handed out at every opportunity. If this interests you, we strongly suggest you gather your friends, check out our website and get involved. **About the Auspicious Gaming March Open** **Date**: Saturday, March 17th 2018 **Format**: Single Elmination, best of 1. Semi finals and finals will be best of 3. **Stream priority**: Stream will not show every round due to our schedule, however the semi finals and finals games will all be streamed. **Time**: 11am-6pm AEST (approx) **Map**: 5v5 Summoners Rift **Prize**: 1st place - 8000 RP + Triumphant Ryze + 5x $10 RP cards 2nd place - 6000 RP 3rd place - 4000 RP 4th place - 2000 RP **Bracket**: Tournament bracket can be found [here](, will be updated per team signup. **Seeding**: Seeding will be organized further into the sign up process of the event. **How to get involved:** Sign up to our website and sign your team up [at this link](
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