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Little League Tournament - 5v5 by Little League Champions Tournament
Hey Summoners!My friend and I would like to host a mini League of Legends tournament starting in 2 weeks called Little...
Hi Summoners! I'm running a league starting next Tuesday and would like you all to come and participate. If you have any questions please ask me via discord or through this server: . There will be prizes and it is as follows: If we have 8 teams sign up: -First Place: 5000RP and 5x Triumphant Ryze -Teams 1-8: 4 win XP Boost If we have 16 teams sign up: -First Place: 6000RP and 5x Triumphant Ryze -Second Place: 4000RP -Teams 1-8: 4 win XP Boost​ I hope to see your cooperation and support for this event Thank you, AhegaoLove {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}

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